Wednesday, 19 January 2011


My family has always had dogs; since I was a small child I can't remember a time without a dog around. Always poodles. Later on my folks had a Cairn and so started my love of Cairns....great little critters. Some years ago my H and I had a cairn - our second - and she is both my pal and my link to him - he named her Pippin.

After he died I wondered whether to get another dog...I thought it would be good for her to have company other than neighbours' cat had a litter and I took on two of them, sisters, both fabulous cats. Cats were new and strange to me....I was unsure about how they would settle in; how to care for them; what they would be like;

but with the help of a very dear friend (more of him later) I quickly got the hang of it.

Introducing the dog was nerve-wracking...she was boisterous, curious, and possibly jealous of the two little hamster-like creatures invading her house; I kept her on a leash every time they came out of their basket until my neighbour said, "Just let her go, you're doing more harm than good with this."

so....I did.....fearing the worst....

and it was fine!
The three of them are great mates now. One cat and the dog are usually great pals, whereas the other cat has a more standoffish relationship with her. This dynamic changes from time to time, and the cats know who's in charge. The dog is never quite convinced it's them.

My husband had a cat as his childhood pal and he would have loved these two, I'm sure.