Friday, 26 August 2011


Blimey, it’s a long time since I’ve been in here! Last posted on 8th’s now 26th August and life has gone on in the meantime.

Work is going well – it’s the holidays at the moment, but when I go back I should get a new contract for my new hours (longer). I enjoy my job without having that horribly committed which I mean, that when I no longer enjoy it, I will look around for something else. But, so far, so good.

Progress on Merry Towers has moved on since my last posting. My garden now has the grass path established, the arches at either end are in place, and the sides with trellising are nearly done. I’ve also got a price for replacing the fence, which will tidy the soil border up considerably, and will look a hell of a lot better than at present. Oh, and I’ve got someone coming to pave around the pond area later in the year. That will tidy up another vile looking’ll look good when it’s done.

There are also quite a few roses in now, some more due in November, all in all plenty of work there to keep me occupied.

Loads has happened on the house itself. I’ve cleared and decorated my storage area under the stairs (I called it the Glory Hole until someone kindly pointed out the meaning of those two words!), fitted two bookcases, and now my stuff is better organised and I know where everything is. I keep my garden tools and various bits of DIY things in there, but eventually when I get a secure shed outside, the tools can go in there and I can keep my mop, brushes and bucket under the stairs.

The door now closes properly thanks to Dave who shaved a bit off the bottom.

I’ve refurbished an old plain pine cupboard which encloses the consumer unit and electricity meter. For such a utilitarian object, it looks good....stained a dark oak colour, with antique looking cast iron hinges and handles. Dave helped fit it. I’m pleased to bits with it especially after living with it as it was long? Fifteen years?

The room between the hall and kitchen now looks so much better due to new architrave and tiding up the last bit next to the tumble dryer. Thanks again due to Dave who finished the architrave off, painted it and also painted the cupboard round the central heating boiler. I am now left with a bit more painting and timping, removing the last bit of clutter, then it’s done.

Sadly, Dave has decided that his priorities and commitments lie elsewhere.

I suppose that this means I am single....of course, I always was, but then.....I wasn’t, really.

His help and support have been wonderful and it is hard to look ahead without having him in my life.