Wednesday, 4 April 2012

"I'm An Alien In The Potteries Centre"....

This morning I had cause to go to somewhere I normally avoid like the plague....the “shopping mall”. At 9am it was pretty well deserted; a lot of the shops hadn’t even opened. Others were closed terminally. The one shop I wanted wasn’t open yet so I had a five minute walk around.

I felt very uncomfortable. The shops are the generic ones you find at any shopping centre up and down the country...Primark, Samuels, WH Smiths, etc. I dawdled along, little and fat in my long, shabby green skirt, sensible walking jacket and flat boots, and looked at the window displays of unsupportive scratchy underwear, synthetic knockout perfumes, platform high heeled shoes (always make my back twinge to look at ‘em!) and cheaply-made young-style dresses. I felt like an alien. None of this stuff was aimed at me. I had an overwhelming sense of being completely and totally out of place.

Not that I mind. I don’t. Those places sum up everything about modern life that I hate...the sameness, the one-dimensional marketing, the horrible grabbing materialistic atmosphere. I’m relieved that I did feel out of place!

I got what I went for, and came back home gasping for my first cup of tea of the day (hey, how dedicated was that; out before having even had a cuppa?) and when I drew up in my drive I saw the early shoots of Lily of the Valley welcoming me. 
Blessed normality.

Took these photos a couple of weeks ago. Now, this is where I feel at home. 


  1. You are not fat. You are gorgeous.
    And someone who loves you deeply bought you a brand new green skirt.

  2. When you have seen one shopping centre you have seen a mall