Monday, 4 April 2011


I've just completed my first day of full-time work since my husband passed away in 2007....I work in a school kitchen for two hours a day, doing the washing up (and I enjoy it, I love my job). I have been asked to go on the holiday cover supply rota in the school nursery, so today was my first day as a rookie.

23 3-year-olds in varying states of exuberance, naughtiness, non-compliance, grumpiness,'s an experience! And they want me back for the rest of the week....will I ever see Friday....?

But I get paid. And that's great. The thing I feel worst about is that my animals are left to fend for themselves all day (they are in the house, not left to roam) - they don't seem too bothered, quite honestly, but I feel bad about leaving them for so long.

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