Monday, 17 October 2011

This weekend (just gone)

The weekend flew by - today is my Mum's birthday, so on Saturday we ventured to the Smoke on the train, to see the Degas exhibition at the Royal Academy. I can totally recommend this - even as a non-lover of Impressionist painters, I was well impressed. Even familiar paintings over-used on greetings cards and other various kinds of twee ephemera, looked fresh and new in the flesh. Or the oils and pastels and gouache, to be pedantic.

I have often wondered what the Victorian ballet was like....and I realised on Saturday that it was as athletic as today. The dancers weren't as lithe and skeletal as they tend to be now, but they were still slim and muscular and well-trained, with the same aim for perfect turn-out and accurate positioning of the body.

There were also plenty of Degas' photographs, one in particular which I found absolutely stunning, and which we went back to have another look at.

If you have the chance to go, do so. It's a treat.

The rest of the day was great; meal then train home later in the day. I was so tired I saw to the furry team and then collapsed in bed.

(no change there then)

Sunday saw Dave and I lugging heavy furniture into the hall (and elsewhere) in readiness for the new floor which is now being laid in the living room. Having engineered wood flooring (like laminate but the top layer is real wood). So far it looks great and I'm really pleased. We had a lovely day yesterday too; went for some nosh later in the day (much needed) and then a nosey round Brereton and Kidsgrove.

Want to say a huge Thank You to Dave who, true to form and despite our own personal difficulties, went the extra mile to help me because he knew I needed it. I am grateful.
I am blessed. I have some truly great friends. And life's good!

The week continues......

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