Sunday, 23 October 2011

New life!

Sunday morning and I am sitting down for a moment to update my blog, while watching a pile of stuff smouldering away in the garden. It's an autumnal morning, not particularly cold, grey sky with blue bits peeping through. Pip the dog is on the bed, as always, the cats are outside investigating.

This past week has seen my gorgeous new floor being laid in the living room I’ve also had new skirting boards and architrave, stained to match, and the door has been rehung so it fits better. I’ve lived with old damaged and filthy floor boards for over a year now, so to finally get to this stage feels really good. I love it. The floor was fitted by the lovely man who did the kitchen, windows and French doors, and again he’s done a lovely job. Anyone in the Potteries area could do worse than contact Mick Barr, Joiner – thoroughly recommended. Being able to trust someone with your house keys and just letting them get on with it means a great deal.

Yesterday Dave and I replaced the furniture which we had giggled over removing the weekend previously. Dave insisted on getting the dusters and gunky furniture polish and giving everything a damn good cleaning (which it badly needed). I did the table, so I wasn’t entirely idle....

Although we put most things back in their original places, we moved some things, left one item out (it’s now in my bedroom), and the whole room looks so much better. I’m just waiting for my sofa and chair now, but have a sunlounger for the time being. It just feels so much more like the home I wanted, and not just a random collection of Old Charm items bought mainly off eBay. The table has now gravitated to the back end of the room, in front of the French doors, and I think that’s where it will stay, because the view over the garden will eventually be rather splendid....House Beautiful, eat yer heart out.

I’m spending today putting my books and CD’s in place and cleaning stuff up as I go. But first, a badly-needed cup of tea – it’s nearly ten o’clock and I haven’t had my first yet!!!

I dunno.....somehow, it doesn’t just feel like a new floor, it feels like the beginning of a new life. Burning the rubbish just now, even though it was only cardboard packing and other bits and pieces, felt symbolic. Out with the old, and in with the new.

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