Thursday, 3 November 2011

1st November

(Posting this after the event - my laptop has been in for repair until I thankfully had it back earlier this afternoon)

All Saints Day. Here I am at 9am, enjoying a leisurely breakfast, having sliced a load of cheap oranges which are now drying slowly in the oven, for Yule wreaths and decorations. The sun is now shining, there are still roses blooming outside, and thanks to John yesterday I now have a nice patch of bare, dug and raked soil. The cats and dog are happy, their world is good as far as I can tell; I am feeling good for having an early start to the day, and Radio 3 played Bach's violin concerto in A just for me (well, it seemed that way); the sofa and chair are being delivered on feels like things are coming together.

Learned this morning of another person who has lost a loved one...a reminder if it were needed, that it's important to cherish each day, to make the most of every moment. I admit I'm the world's worst at this, with my tendency to sink into melancholy and demotivation, but I sometimes remind myself that each day really is a gift.

Hugs and comfort to everyone grieving today....we don't forget our loved ones, they live on in our hearts and our memories.



Postscript: today my boss told us about her friend's daughter, who has died suddenly aged just 17, five months pregnant....then later on In Tune, pianist Marcelo Bratke described his successful eye operation at the age of 44; previous to that, he only had 7% vision in his good eye. He described the wonder of something so mundane as a plastic cup of water. Both these things reminded me of being grateful for the good things in life, however small.

Great friendships are somewhat larger!!! - love and thanks to Liz and Lizzie. You know what for.


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