Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Achievements and Yoga

Today’s achievements: I sorted my art and needlework books into one of my bookcases – so now they have their own dedicated shelf – and put my yarn stash on a shelf below, so I can see what I have to work with. Another bit of organisation done.
I’ve also ordered coal, and booked the piano tuner. Two more items ticked off the list....all right, only two, but at least I’ve done them! The gardener is coming this week to fit the gates half way up the garden, so that’ll be something else to make life easier. The old chickenwire wood-framed barrier my H made many years ago has all but given up the ghost.
I was surprised, and somewhat touched, to see that a solar powered light my H put up in the garden, was glowing earlier. Maybe he is looking out for me? It was nice to see anyway.
Today’s yoga session was about trust. Mainly trust in ourselves....the premise being that if we can find that inner trust and self-confidence, we can more easily trust those around us.
An interesting concept. It has taken me a long time to build up my own trust in myself; to know when my gut instinct is right, rather than irrational thinking. So the yoga session was helpful in that. I don’t know about the wider picture....I tend to think that the only behaviours and ideas that we can change are our own; the actions of others are beyond our control, and more importantly, beyond our responsibility; we can of course learn to trust others, if they prove themselves to be worthy of that trust.

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  1. you deserve to learn to trust again, not everyone will let you down in life....honestly