Monday, 14 February 2011

My weekend

The weekend was great....after a somewhat unpromising start, it suddenly took off and was a lovely, enjoyable time. Dylan came down on Saturday and we made the new gates (fitted on Friday) dog-proof; we then ended up at the Beacon, Sedgley for a pint, came back and went for a curry. Sunday was our pre-arranged day at the PreRaphs in Birmingham. The exhibition was excellent; well laid out, well arranged, enough information on each section; two hours went extremely quickly.

We then headed further south to the Fleece Inn at Bretforton for a late afternoon meal....absolutely yum. Called at the White Lion (Barthomley) before coming home.

The weekend has been an unexpected delight. I was sad to part company with Dylan...he has made his choices in life; and those choices do not include me. I am sad about this, but I have to accept it.

1 comment:

  1. Unfortunately
    Dylan had not chose to cut you out of his life.
    He simply could not cope with the pressures that having you in his life caused.
    Or...the pressures that you put him under.

    Dylan will love you forever
    He loved you all those years ago when you didn't want to know
    and he will love you until he dies.