Sunday, 13 March 2011


Your average suburban garden doesn't always offer a thrilling range of wildlife, but if you (and your neighbours) have a pond, you're guaranteed a good frog population (one year we had a newt too). I find these little critters fascinating and can sit like a true saddo, watching them.

They are in the throes of spawning always amuses me to see them thrashing around in the most unseemly couplings, like the worst excesses of a Roman orgy....threesomes seem to be a favourite, the air punctuated by the contented grunts of the bull frogs. It's the poor old female I feel sorry for, squeezed in the middle of what looks like an unwanted embrace, with a forbearing expression; "I wish they'd go away and leave me to my knitting...."

This morning I've pruned my best roses, some of them fought back, but they now look neatly groomed and waiting to bloom later in the year. I love roses, and can't wait to get the garden done this year as it will be turned into the rose garden I always wanted.

I love this time of year. New life, new beginnings.

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