Monday, 21 March 2011

My Birthday Weekend

I've just had the most wonderful birthday. On Saturday I went to a pub meet with a random group of people from a message board I occasionally post on; we met up at The Beacon in Sedgley, my favourite Real Pub.

A great time and a lot of laughter was had, shamefully we were still there way after chucking-out time, at which point some of us started out for home, leaving the others to go to another pub...I called at a chain pub with Dave for some nosh, then we went home. While we were at the meet he gave me his birthday present - a lovely green skirt. I now have Two Green Skirts (one for best).

The next day, Dave took me to Matlock Bath for a quiet day together...we walked along the Lovers Walk, nipped into Holy Trinity church to nosey around after the service, went into the Victorian Baths which have long since lost their splendour but gained a bizarre array of large (and small) fish, then up to the Rising Sun for grub. Stroll around Cromford afterwards and then home via the Stables at Monsal Head where we had a pint of stout.

So - thank you to all for your birthday wishes, and thank you Dave for making my weekend even better than I had anticipated.
Keep the faith.....Love under will.

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